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You're a heart-centred, service-driven woman who wants to reduce stress & burnout.
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It's time for change. You know that the next step to getting your health and emotional wellness on track is to decide you've finally had enough.

10 ways to naturally beat stress
(med free)

10 Ways Women In Service Roles Can Naturally Beat Stress Now

Learn the steps to end stress eating and EXACTLY what to eat.

How To End Stress Eating - For Service Based Women Who Want Alternative Coping Tools

Find out what self-care practices you need more of. Take the assessment.

Self-Care Checklist For Women In Service Roles

Tools To Reduce Stress & Increase Emotional Health

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HElpful wellness experts

Dr.Caroline Leaf

A neuroscientist that helps you rewire your brain to reduce worry, stress, and unwanted thoughts

Dr. Neil Nedley

A doctor that speaks on natural ways to reduce depression and anxiety.

Alan Robarge

A psychotherapist that speaks on attachment trauma and relationship issues.

Day-to-day tools for stress reduction and wellness

Lavendar Oil

Used to help reduce anxiety and promote calm

Hot & Cold Showers

Used to help improve immune response, reduce stress and improve moods. Start with 30 secs in the shower with cold and 3 minutes of hot (as you can tolerate.) Repeat for 3 cycles and end on cold

Scented Candles

Use to help you create a relaxing mood and de-stress.

APPS for stress reduction and wellness

Sanity & Self

A self-care app for women with stories, encouragement, and coaching.


An app to help you reduce anxiety and panic attacks.


A guided work out app to help you work out anywhere that has a personal coach in your ear to help you reduce stress and get healthy.

Books For Stress reduction & mental wellness

The Stress Perscription

An amazing book with strategies to help you reduce your stress.By Elissa Epel, PhD

Depression The Way Out

This detailed book that looks into tons of natural ways to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. By. Dr. Neil Nedley

Set Boundaries Find Peace

A refreshing book that teaches you about boundaries from a new perspective. Gain boundaries around family, friends, work and so much more. By Nedra Glover Tawwab

I provide health and stress reduction coaching and support  for heart-centred, service-driven women, because I know what it's like. No one understands you better. While travel nursing over the years, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic, I met sooo many women dealing with the same type of struggles, not taking care of themselves, trying to navigate draining work and home environments, not taking care of their health, dealing with chronic stress, battling declining health and emotional wellness. And having a totally wired nervous system. Not everyone "gets it." What it's like to be heart-centred, and WANT to to be in service because it (used to) bring you gratification but also needing to get back to "you", your health, and in a way that works for you.

I'm Arlene and I'm passionate about helping women like you reduce stress and get your health and emotional wellness on track.