Arlene Ambrose is a Vincentian-Canadian Health and Wellness Coach+ Consultant, Registered Nurse, Authour of The Practical Self-Love Workbook, and founder of Arlene Ambrose Curated Health.

Learn more about her Lifestyle Program (Bounce Back Better in 90 Days) where she helps heart-centred, mission-driven women take their lives back by learning how to reduce and manage stress, create simple health habits and feel emotionally well. She also works privately with select clients throughout the year.You can apply to work with her 1:1 here.

She combines her education in nursing, coaching, researching, faith and experience to help heart-centred, mission driven, passionate women improve their health and mental wellbeing.

Her methods focus on healthy lifestyle changes, incorporating aspects of the NEW START method (Nutrition (plant-forward), exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, trust ) and her signature wellness framework. She likes to take a results-based, step-by step, practical approach to health and wellness while leaving room for leisure.

She facilitates various workshops on personal development, self-care, plant based eating and mental wellness, including the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Seminar. Her aim is to promote hope, health and healing.

Read her detailed bio here.