I help women like you relieve stress and get healthy 

I'm Arlene

health & stress management coach  registered nurse

are a heart-centred woman in a service role who gives her time, energy and resources to others. e.G (healthcare, taking care of loves ones, healer, service-based provider) 

stay in bed for days, and don't want to talk to another person because you tEND To over-give, and over deliver in your work and life leaving you feeling drained and "not like yourself."

are often accommodating, which can lead to depleting environments or RELATIONSHIPS with family, friends, co-workers or a partner.

are starting to feel overwhelmed & stress eat. You do too much, and combat negative self talk; as a result your general health and mental wellbeing are negatively affected.

actually want to be in service (just not like this) LOVE THE WORK THAT YOU DO, BUT IT'S LEAVING YOU DRAINED, burnt out AND DEPLETED EVERYDAY. You want more. You want to bring back the joy.

Let me guess, right now you...

Hey, there.

"Why would I need a health and stress management coach? 

The truth is you may manage stress well. Our society is big on stress resilience, but managing stress and helping your body reach a restorative and healing state are different, especially for service driven women who are focused on helping others. Minor every day stress shows up as various health and mood problems that you might not be aware of.

That's what I help clients understand and overcome.  Coaching is action based. It provides real time accountability and transformation replacing harmful habits with healthier ones so you have the best success and reach your health and wellness goals.

Consider health and stress management coaching to reduce stress, prevent stress from getting out of hand, or if you feel like you're drowning,  or need support and tangible steps to get your health and emotional wellness on track.

create a simple (Curated) healthy lifestyle, even through shift work or a busy day, curb stress eating, practice more self care. 

replace unwanted, anxious & looping thoughts of not "being" or "doing enough"  with more self-compassion, so you can show up more fully in your life and the work that you do.

Recognize + have a better response to  stressors before they take control of your life  (manage boundaries, your time and responses to soul sucking people and environments)

Create a stress reduction plan using curated tools to reduce day-to-day stress, recalibrate your nervous system, manage physical symptoms and have the confidence to Handle whatever stressor you're going through 

Start feeling like you can conquer your stress, regulate your nervous system and achieve your wellness goals.   

i'm here to support you, no matter your service role. I'm not here to change who you are, but celebrate, strengthen and amplify it so you can show up more fully, emotionally regulated, armoured against stress and ready to pursue your goals.

I provide health and stress management coaching and consulting for women who are service driven because I know what it's like. No one understands you better. While travel nursing over the years, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic, I met sooo many amazing women dealing with the same types of struggles, not taking care of themselves, trying to navigate draining work and home  environments, not taking care of their health, dealing with chronic stress, battling declining health and emotional wellness or having a totally wired nervous system because of constantly focusing on others. Not everyone "gets it." What it's like to be heart-centred, and WANT to to be in service because it (used to) bring you gratification, but also needing to get back to "you" and your health and in a way that works for you.

I'm Arlene, an author, stress management coach and registered nurse. I'm passionate about helping women like you reduce stress and heal

hey there!

Find out simple ways to manage stress and take care of yourself.

Stress Reduction & Self Care Checklist For Service-Based Women: 40 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress Now

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Check out my workbook, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you're a heart-centred woman who is extremely hard on yourself and want a place to start to break through barriers and improve your mental and emotional health, this book is for you!

The Practical Self-Love Workbook

check out my book

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I take a research-backed, natural approach to stress reduction, health and mental wellness. My methodologies include getting to the root of the problem and using aspects of neuroscience, lifestyle medicine, and my Bounce BackBetter stress reduction protocol and framework.

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