Bounce Back Better:
An 8 Week Stress Reduction And Emotional Wellness Program For Service-Driven Women


When you're stressed and burnt out you may neglect any health. habits or routines, also leading to poor mental health. You don't have to be stuck here. Get support now. 

Poor health habits & declining mental health


Stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health, leading to problems such as fatigue, headaches, and anxiety. Get support to make the changes you need.

Not knowing how to respond to constant stress worry and burnout.


Stress can make it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and partners. Get support.

Draining relationships & environments


Get control of...

Feeling this? Read on!

Six years ago I was at a point where I was doing and giving too much and it took a toll on my health, I got sick, irritable and didn't feel like myself. It was through health coaching and starting simple health habits that I finally started to feel better, left my relationship and got my health on track. I meet so many women who work in service that feel the same. That's why I created the Bounce Back  Better: A Stress Reduction Program. I've taken my experience, education and interviews to curate this program and protocol for you.

Are you ready to finally say "enough!"

As a Registered Nurse and Health and Stress Management Coach I know what it's like to be service driven. You're on a mission to help others, which can lead to over giving, over delivering, giving up your boundaries and time, leaving you feeling depleted, drained and in poor physical and emotional health.

Are You Ready To Reclaim                 
Your Life & Create Healthier Pathways? 

it's time to do something different

Taking control of your time, creating and actually implementing simple health habits so you can take care of yourself better.

Knowing how to interrupt intrusive and unwanted thoughts. 

Knowing EXACTLY how to respond to stressors instead of reacting to improve emotional health.

to thriving by doing this...

Sleeping all the time, and not having time, energy or motivation to take care of yourself like you want to.

Constant stress, worry, and thoughts of not "being or doing" enough.

Being overwhelmed by stressors and not knowing how to respond

just imagine going from...

Take back control of your life. Utilize strategies that help you take care of yourself.

stressed and feeling stuck? that's about to change...

Implement boundaries, say no with less guilt, get control of your time, and reduce soul sucking relationships and environments.

create & have more control over your time

Know exactly what to eat for YOUR body from a plant forward approach without jumping from expert to expert while also using other tools to nourish your body.

do more of the things that nourish your body

Build a robust tool-box of stress management and self-care strategies, so you can start taking care of yourself and calm your nervous system.

use personalized tools to reduce stress, manage worry & calm your nervous system

Create simple health habits that fit into your life and schedule so you can get your health on track.

implement simple habits to boost your health and emotional wellbeing 

Learn healthy ways to cope with unpleasant emotions so that stress eating is a 'occasional occurrence' instead of 'always'  

Reduce stress eating

Know exactly how to recognize, manage and disarm your stressors before they take control of your life and mental wellbeing. 

identify & disarm stressors before they start

By the end of this program you will ...

You're heart centred, service- driven. You give your best, and sometimes that get's the best of you. You're also resilient and full of courage. Imagine what happens when you take care of yourself with the passion that you give other people.

Let's get your health and wellness back on track right away.
You are not alone. I work with women like you, women who are heart-centred, service driven, love the work that they do, and are passionate about being in service. They also know there is a big risk of losing themselves, overdelivering and over giving in their work & life. 

I help them to develop a life routine and philosophy that still allows them to keep being who they are in the world (and even better ) without losing their own sense of wellbeing.  Let's overcome mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, so you can Bounce Back Better.

It's time to overcome constant stress and burnout

Ready for a change?


I provide health and stress management coaching and consulting for women who are service driven because I know what it's like. No one understands you better. While travel nursing over the years, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic, I met sooo many amazing women dealing with the same types of struggles, not taking care of themselves, trying to navigate draining work and home environments, not taking care of their health, dealing with chronic stress, battling declining health and emotional wellness or having a totally wired nervous system.

Not everyone "gets it." What it's like to be heart-centred, and WANT to to be in service because it (used to) bring you gratification, but also needing to get back to "you" and your health and in a way that works for you.

I'm Arlene and I'm passionate about helping women like you reduce stress and get your health and emotional wellness on track. 

hey there!

self-identifies as being in role where you are giving your time, energy or resources to others. Maybe you're a health care worker, helper, healer, service-based provider or have a strong life calling and purpose.

has a growth mindset and are ready to take decisive action. You're tired of teetering on the fence and you are ready to focus on reducing stress & burnout and start getting your health and life on track. 

values a no fluff research-backed,  faith forward approach to their healing journey.

is ready to overcome unhealthy patterns of people pleasing that lead to burnout and set healthy boundaries.

You're ready to stop selling yourself short with unfulfilling relationships, combat stress eating while learning lasting stress reduction strategies that will give you the courage to live a happier and healthier life and pursue the things you love.

 is committed to the process and are ready to do the work. You recognize that reliability and commitment are important to your journey of growth and healing. 

is on a journey and is currently child free or has adult children

This program is in alignment for you if you're a heart-centred, service-driven woman who...

We allow ourselves to receive and make room for more of what we want instead of leaving it up to chance. We learn to take control of our lives, take responsibility & that we’re not victims. We learn how to ask for what without feeling selfish or ‘bad’. We learn how create boundaries, get our time back and create sense of stability & harmony knowing we can manage our stress response.


Here we work to shift and challenge limiting beliefs. In order to sustain change we have to challenge our beliefs so we don’t keep creating the same unwanted outcome. We learn tools that help us move from guilt, self- sabotage, negative self-talk, anxiety, and overthinking to more self-compassion & being able to self-soothe without complete dependence on another person.

This is about implementation (which is incorporated in every step) I’m with you every step of the way. You aren’t left hanging and we can troubleshoot life obstacles in real time.



We implement simple health changes and we start looking at different types of nourishment that fuel & energize the body and help relieve stress. Not only are we looking at what to eat in a way that feels right to you, but we’re looking at how to nourish your body using elements of the research backed NEWSTART principles & lifestyle health without overwhelm.


Relieve your most immediate stressor. Identify stress triggers and their effect on your health with my detailed stress & lifestyle assessment. You don’t have to wait months to get your first result. We'll go over tangible, practical techniques to reset your nervous system and get more of the results you want and less of those you don’t.


Transform your health with the
Bounce Back Better Framework


You no longer have to wake up each day and wonder how you're going to make it through the day. It's time to reclaim your life, your soul, and know what to do to feel calm and aligned in your life again.
It's time to Bounce Back Better.

Break free from over giving and over delivering. Get your health and emotional wellness back.

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