I'm on a mission to help women in service reduce and manage stress, gain health & live a life they love! 

1. RELIEVE- Relieve your most immediate stressor. Identify stress triggers and their affect on your health, with my detailed stress & lifestyle assessment. And by the way...you don’t have to wait months to get your first result. We'll go over tangible, practical techniques to reset your nervous system and get more of the results you want and less of those you don’t.

2. NOURISH- Here, we implement simple health changes and start looking at different types of nourishment that fuel & energize the body. Not only are we looking at what to eat in a way that feels right to you, but we’re looking at how to nourish your body using elements of the research backed NEWSTART (nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, trust) principles & lifestyle health without overwhelm.

3. MINDSET - Here, we work to shift and challenge limiting beliefs. In order to sustain change we have to challenge our beliefs so we don’t keep creating the same unwanted outcome. We learn tools that help us move from guilt, self sabotage, negative self-talk, anxiety, and overthinking to more self-compassion & being able to self-soothe without sole dependence on another person.

4. EMPOWER- Here, we allow ourselves to receive and make room for more of what we want instead of leaving it up to chance.We learn to take control of our lives, take responsibility & that we’re not victims. We learn how to ask for what we want, without feeling selfish or ‘bad’. We learn how create boundaries, get our time back and create a sense of stability & harmony knowing we CAN manage our stress response.

5.THRIVE - Thrive is about implementation (which is incorporated in every step) I’m with you every step of the way. You aren’t left hanging, you have access to me, and we can troubleshoot life obstacles in real time.


My BOUNCE BACK BETTER STRESS REDUCTION program for reducing stress and gaining emotional wellness is built on my stress reduction protocol and five pillars of wellness. Each stage builds on the other and provides you with the transformational process you need to move from stressed, depleted, and having an unregulated nervous system to knowing how to reach calm, restore emotional wellness, take care of yourself, and regulate your nervous system. 

These five pillars are... 

I'm here to guide you through the process of rising above & disarming your stress, improve your health and start treating yourself like you matter, in a way that fits your lifestyle.

1:1 & Group Coaching 


+ 7 Steps to Emotional Wellness for Women In Service Based Roles

+ 10 Strategies To Naturally Beat Stress That Every Woman In A Service Role Needs To Know

+ How To Put An End To Stress Eating & Reduce Sugar Cravings (For Women In Service-Based Roles Who Want Alternative Coping Tools)

+ Regulate Your Nervous System- Natural Ways Service Providers Can  Move From Low Moods and Anxiety to Calm and Ease.

+ How to Hack Your Stress Response And Design Your Own Stress Solution

+ Custom (Please inquire)

Through out the year I host various workshops online and in the community. Working as a Health and Stress Management Coach and Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room I have extensive assessment skills and bring a wealth of knowledge to your organization. Previous clients include York University, Norquest College, Black Canadian Women In Action, Artists 4 Mental Health and MacEwan University. Booking 2 months in advance is preferred.

Speaking Topics Include....


Workshops & Corporate Wellness


For other community collaborations, mentorship, business requests or consultations.

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