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Arlene Ambrose is an Edmonton based authour, health and stress management coach, and registered nurse.
She trained at the Health Coach Institute and specializes in Brain and Mood Health. She facilitates the Nedleys Depression and Anxiety Program, and conducts various health expos and health talks throughout the year. She has a background in critical care nursing, working in the emergency department, recovery room, and remote and Indigenous Health. She's also taught health care programs, and assisted in  various neurology research studies at the University of Alberta . 

As a Health & Stress Management Coach she draws on her knowledge and experience to help clients achieve the best health using evidence-based interviews, clinical interventions and strategies to help transform habits and create healthy behaviour change.

As a nurse, she's seen countless patients in the Emergency Department for stress related illness allowing her to see the big picture when it comes to stress. She uses a natural, outcome based approach, incorporating  neuroscience, plant-forward eating and lifestyle medicine  principles to help service based women reduce stress, restore health, emotional wellness and achieve their  goals.
She encourages clients to start where they are, then support them through.  In her spare time you'll find her writing articles at Thought Catalog or in nature.


"my goal is to help women in service based roles manage and reduce stress and get their health and wellbeing on track so they can show up more fully for their life and purpose."

I'm the coach for you if you value respect and timely communication.
I'm the coach for you if you value simplicity and a natural way of living.
I'm the coach for you if you value faith.
I'm the coach for you if you value transparency.
I'm the coach for you if you are results driven and are looking for a tangible, results based, direct approach.

It's time to start the conversation and make an aligned decision to transform your life.

I am with you every step of the way.

Focus on just one day and I'm here every step of the way to give you tangible strategies and support. 

Over 6 years ago I was at a point of my life where stress was taking over and I didn't even know it. I was giving too much of myself. I was in a draining environment and relationship then started to get sick. I didn't feel like myself and didn't like the path I was going down. I found health coaching (by accident) sorted out the chaos in my life, and developed wellness habits that I use to this day. This process touched my life so much that I became a coach and also started travel nursing. 

Over the years I met so many women along the way who struggled with similar problems, chronic stress, over giving, over delivering, ending up in one sided relationships and just not taking care of their their health and wellbeing. I then developed a signature coaching program tailored to the specific needs to these women.

This is my passion because this is my story

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No coffee. Tea or Hot Chocloate

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I love a good spin class!

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Elizabeth, Power 

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A puppy!

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Know exactly how to recognize, manage and disarm your stressors before they take control of your life and mental wellbeing. 

Build a robust tool-box of stress management and self-care strategies, so you can start taking care of yourself and calm your nervous system.

Learn healthy ways to cope with unpleasant emotions so that stress eating is a 'occasional occurrence' instead of 'always'  

Know exactly what to eat for YOUR body from a plant forward approach without jumping from expert to expert and finding other ways to nourish your body.

Create simple health habits that fit into your life and schedule so you can get your health on track.

Implement boundaries, say no with less guilt, get control of your time, and reduce soul sucking relationships and environments.

Reduce unwanted and repetitive thoughts of not "doing" or "being enough". Instead learn self-compassion and to speak to yourself like you matter.

Feel like yourself again (and even better) so you can show up more fully in life with a sense of purpose and pursue your next goal.

Enough about me, I'm here to help you...

Arlene Ambrose

"Your worth is not dependent on the amount of stress and struggle you're able to handle."

"Service doesn't mean constant sacrifice."

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