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Hi, I’m Arlene…a Vincentian-Canadian Health and Wellness Coach and Consultant, Registered Nurse, authour of The Practical Self-Love Workbook, and creator of the Bounce Back Better Program

I use research-backed knowledge, faith, education experience, and trauma informed care practices to help heart-centred, mission driven women reduce and manage stress, create healthy lifestyle changes, and feel emotional well. Wellness and self-care are the ability promote and maintain health, prevent disease, and to cope with illness, disability, and stressors in life so you can build resilience and live a happier life.

My methodologies find their foundation in healthy lifestyle change recognizing that we need actionable steps to create healthier lives and relationships. I utilize aspects of the NEW START method (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Trust, Air, Rest, Temperance), Neuroscience through research from Dr.Caroline Leaf, Dr. Neil Nedley, and The Upward Spiral by Dr.Alex Korb.

In the Bounce Back Better Program, I specifically work with heart-centred, mission driven women who are in a health crisis, and are mentally, emotionally and physically depleted. This 90 day program focuses on helping heart-centred women reclaim their lives with lasting lifestyle and self-care practices to help them reduce and manage stress and recover their health.

Through out the year I facilitate various workshops for organizations on the topics of personal development, stress reduction, plant based eating and mental wellness, including the Nedley Anxiety and Depression Seminar.

Several years ago I reached a point where stressors in my personal life were starting to affect my health. Of course this starts to affect everything else. I quickly realized that taking courageous action and prioritizing my health and mental wellbeing was needed.

I started implementing healthy lifestyle changes, self-care practices, boundaries, healthy eating, movement, and so much more with the help of a health coach. The changes I experienced prompted me take further education to help others do the same.

Over the years, through training, research and experience I’ve developed an extensive toolkit and protocols to help improve ones health and mental wellbeing.


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Professional Experience

I have over 15 years experience as a Registered Nurse. And I’ve spent the last 5 years travel nursing. My specialities include, the emergency room, recovery room, neurology research, and rural health with an interest in Indigenous communities. I’ve also worked as a health instructor at Norquest college.

I’m a certified health and wellness coach from HCI (Health Coach Institute) specializing in brain and mood health, and facilitator of the Nedleys Depression and Anxiety seminar. View my resume here


Previously I’ve worked with the Edmonton Arts Council performing poetry, and conducting poetry workshops. Currently my writing focuses on essays about mental wellness, hope, health and healing for women. You can find my millennial geared writing on Thought Catalog. Read my article, The Ultimate Toolkit: 8 Resilience Skills for Surviving in a Chaotic World, featured on SWAAY media. Read my monthly wellness column at Diversity Magazine Edmonton.


I’ve always had a knack for education, creativity and health. I’ve held the position of Youth Leader and Associate Health and Wellness Coordinator at my local church for many years.

My responsibilities included preparing yearly budgets, coordinating weekly youth programs/workshops and special days, organizing field trips, attending board meetings, recording minutes, being a mentor for youth. Health duties included coordinating health expo’s, lecturing on various wellness topics, organizing health challenges, facilitating group workshops and more.


Previous and current clients include, Artists for Mental Health, York University, BCW in Action and more.

“Meet people where they are, then support them through”- Arlene

When I’m not writing, coaching, nursing or facilitating you can find me in Edmonton reading, or outside in nature.

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