Hi, I’m Arlene..

a Vincentian Canadian writer, authour of the Practical Self-Love Workbook for Women, Registered Nurse, and wellness facilitator. I use my combined knowledge, faith and experience to facilitate workshops centred around wellness, self-love and holistic healing, (plant based eating, mindset, emotional wellness, body, soul). My aim is to see more comfortable, confident, self loving, women- specifically working with intuitive women.

I believe in practical self-love, which is a self love practice that requires taking courageous action. This was realized when four years ago I took the leap and transitioned from the conventional hospital setting into travelling nursing.Travel nursing awarded me with experiences that challenged my limits- from being snowed in, chased by dogs, jumping onto helicopters, and thinking outside of the box. I learned the importance of using my voice and that empathy is an undervalued skill. These experiences catapulted me into powerful resilience, fearlessness and self confidence, which I’ve developed into an extensive toolkit. Ultimately, I believe that healing starts with holistic wellness, the mind, and creativity.


  • freedom of choice
  • integrity
  • creativity
  • connection
  • respect
  • faith (Christian)
  • communication
  • quality work
  • reciprocity

Professional Experience

I have over 14 years experience as a Registered Nurse. My specialities include the emergency room, recovery room and rural health with an interest in Indigenous communities. I’ve also worked in the area of research and as a health instructor at Norquest college.

As a certified wellness coach, specializing in brain and mood health,I’ve used the skills learned to recover from stressful times in my life. I’ve conducted numerous workshops in Edmonton including on the topic of plant based eating. Some other workshops include Dr. Neil Nedleys Depression and Anxiety group seminar and natural health expos. View my resume here


Previously I’ve worked with the Edmonton Arts Council performing poetry, and conducting poetry workshops. Currently my writing focuses on essays about holistic wellness, the mind and holistic self-love and healing for women. You can find my millennial geared writing on Thought Catalog. Read my article, The Ultimate Toolkit: 8 Resilience Skills for Surviving in a Chaotic World, featured on SWAAY media. Read my monthly wellness column at Diversity Magazine Edmonton.


I’ve always had a knack for education, creativity and health. I’ve previously held the position of Youth Leader and Associate Health and Wellness Coordinator at my local church for many years. My responsibilities included preparing yearly budgets, coordinating weekly youth programs/workshops and special days, organizing field trips, attending board meetings, recording minutes, being a mentor for youth. Health duties included coordinating health expo’s, lecturing on various wellness topics, organizing health challenges, facilitating group workshops and more.

Plus many other adventures I’d love to share with you.

When I’m not writing, workshopping or facilitating you can find me in Edmonton with a candle and thinking about what kind of puppy I would love to house.

“Meet people where they are, then support them through”- Arlene

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