Work with me


You’re heart centred. You’re mission driven.

You give your best, and sometimes that get’s the best of you.

You’re also resilient and full of courage.

Imagine what happens when you take care of yourself with the passion that you give other people. 

Let’s get your health and wellness back on track right away.

You are not alone.

You’re a heart-centred, mission driven woman.

You love the work you do, and are passionate about being in service; but there’s also a big risk of losing yourself, overdelivering and over giving in your work & life, because of the type of woman you are.  

Get relieve in working with someone who understands your needs as a heart-centred woman. 

I work in partnership with you to develop a life routine and philosophy that still allows you to keep being who you are in the world (with new health & wellness tools) and restore your own sense of wellbeing. 

What Exactly Does a Self-Care Coach and Wellness Consultant Do?

As a Self-Care aka Health Coach, Wellness Consultant and Registered Nurse I use evidence-based conversation, clinical solutions and strategies, along with my nursing background to actively and safely support you in transforming habits, create a self-care plan and create healthy behaviour change. 

I like to use practical solutions that draw on research base, and faith valued principles. 

Coaching vs. Therapy

As a coach my solutions are action based, and are driven by you. We are here to trouble shoot real life obstacles and get you the results you desire with a combination of my expertise and your intuition.

Coaching is not talk therapy, or focused on the past, but about focusing on health and habit change solutions that apply to your day-to-day life to improve your wellbeing.


Using my 5 step wellness framework we will work together for 90 days to create & implement an easy self-care & wellness plan that moves you from feeling drained to taking care of yourself not just other people, less stressed & less stress eating, better boundaries, more health habits & feeling emotionally well.


A 5 step wellness framework for heart centred women


In order to facilitate & sustain change we start with allowing ourselves grace. Grace enables us to move from feelings of guilt, shame and negative self-talk to more self-compassion. 

Grace says you are a whole person first, despite your past and still worthy of good things.

This step is foundational because you tend to be hard on yourself, which hinders you from reaching your goals.

We establish tools so you can speak to yourself like you matter, so on the days you start questioning the process you can stay focused, and show up, which is the skill that will set you apart.


Often we don’t know where to start and can’t imagine having a different, better life.

During the reflection stage we will pin-point exactly where we need to start on our self-care & wellness journey and identify blind-spots through data collection, analysis and reviewing the results of your detailed self-care & health assessment. 

The reflection stage recognizes that every cause has an effect- which means there is also a solution.

Reflection gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for the behaviors we CAN control and recognize that we are not victims, or stuck.


The next step in our change process is to ask, allow and accept. Once you’ve reflected and gained awareness of your needs, you have to ASK for what you want, and make room for it in your life.

Here we focus on what you want, instead of what others have taken from you. We practice allowing yourself to express your needs, and creating boundaries around your time & life.


In the create stage we explore new ways of thinking and being. Our beliefs shape our day to day life, and in order to change, we have to challenge our beliefs so we don’t keep creating the same unwanted outcome. 

This is where you start creating new habits, find out exactly what to eat, how to nourish your body, and create your self care plan.

You’ll create & implement tools to combat stress & anxiety and focus on the self-care tools will work best in your life.


The final step our transformational system is embark. Embark is all about taking action and sustained steps towards the outcome you want.

We navigate any challenges that may occur in real time so you’re not alone, can get results and create lasting change.

In embark we turn fear into faith, freedom, and fuel through support, strategy and accountability so that you can reach your goals to improve your health and mental wellbeing.


  • Setting boundaries around your life & so you can gain more peace and stability in your life, work, and relationships. Learn how to decrease sacrificing your well-being for others, and start taking care of yourself not just other people through the G.R.A.C.E framework
  • Completing your self-care and lifestyle assessment so you know exactly where to start in recovering your health and mental wellbeing, no guess work.
  • Creating and implementing a self-care plan that you actually stick to, and fits into your life.
  • Being able to challenge depression and anxiety through the best self-care tools that work for you.
  • Nourishing your body  through plant-forward eating (no worries if it’s not your thing) and other types of nourishment. Identifying exactly what to eat for your unique body and combating stress eating.
  • Having healthy practical ways to cope with stress and difficult emotions like intrusive thoughts and feelings of not “being or doing enough” so you can start pursuing the work and life you want.
  • Having a heart-centred coach & RN consultant who understands your personality, and can help you trouble shoot any obstacles that arise in real time.
  • Having research backed, evidence based, and faith valued approach to achieving wellness- no fluff.