Arlene is a Vincentian Canadian writer and registered nurse. She writes for women who are ready to make big leaps in life. She writes about emotional wellness and self discovery and healing.

I’ve been getting asked more and more frequently if I am going to purchase a home.

I personally never saw the big hype in owning a home.

Disclaimer: This is not to discourage anyone from getting a home or bashing anyone, it’s just my thoughts.

I understand that it’s a big and significant purchase. For some people it’s the better option, but it seems like it has become the ‘gold standard’ in life just like getting married and having children. Having these things doesn’t necessarily measure success or happiness.

If I’m debt free, have significant savings and some investments I’m jumping up and down for joy, but people seem to think it’s strange. It would be nice to own a home, but what’s the big deal if you don’t?