Take Rest When Needed

Stop feeling guilty for having a “non-productive day.”

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Why do you feel guilty for being still? For doing exactly what the body wants you to do?

Society has taught us that doing is being, being is living, and if you’re anything but- you’re dead, a dead beat.

Busyness is not productivity. When we truly know what we’re doing, our goal is to enjoy the moment, not to hurry without a cause. Constant hurrying comes from systems of chaos.

Hurrying is a tool to convey urgency, not a way of life.

Take rest when needed.

Take the days to lounge, to catch up on the little things, or nothing particular at all.

You know exactly what you need, never cheap out on yourself, it will cause those you meet to do the same to you.

Give yourself what you need, and do it well. Do it better than anyone else, do it so that anyone who tries to treat you better than the way you treat yourself-leaves you in awe.

Take rest when needed, leave guilt on your bedpost, never on your bed. If you really want-as it seems that you do- you can wear it again when you’re done, like a rotten, crusted, foul-smelling pair of underwear.

Rest is redemption.

Rest is rejuvenation.

Rest is rejecting the rhetoric of the rapidity of life.

Rest is productivity.

I challenge you to change the narrative, change the perspective on productivity.

Productivity is gaining a large supply or great results in something.

Let that something also include calmness, sorting, rebuilding, processing, and repairing your body, mood, and mind.

People are depending on you? Delegate.

Can’t delegate? Mentor someone to be almost as good or even better than you.

Can’t mentor someone to be almost as good as you or better? Plan, schedule ahead.

Can’t plan, schedule ahead? Create a new system.

Can’t create a new system? Explore why you’re afraid to rest.

It’s something deeper.

Do you associate your rest with failure? laziness? weakness? or a vault of repressed emotions?

Rest doesn’t lessen your value, self-worth, manliness, survivor spirit, or drive.

You become the ultimate master when you learn to take rest when needed.

Take rest when needed.


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