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Stubbornness Is Not A Strength. It’s Determination Out Of Balance

Stubbornness Is Not A Strength. It’s Determination Out Of Balance

Stubbornness Is Not A Strength. It’s Determination Out Of Balance

Stubbornness is not a strength.

Stubbornness is when you can’t be reasoned with. It’s when you’re so set in your way that you can’t acknowledge someone else’s point of view.

It’s not about changing the beliefs, goals or decisions you’ve made. It’s about a willingness to understand something different.

Stubbornness is not a strength. It’s determination out of balance. It’s not a trait to be glorified. Stubbornness smells subtly like a lack of humility. It parallels questions of self doubt, low self worth , fear of failure, shame, and fear of disappointment.

Stubbornness is when you’re hanging on the last strings of desperation. You’re not in control. 

Stubbornness leads to tunnel vision. You’re unable to see the warning signs around. What red flags? Stubbornness sounds like saying, “over my dead body” and I’d rather die before…”

Instead, be determined. Determination is diligence. It’s the will to see things through; not in an erratic way but in a methodical self paced way. 

Determination is when you maximize strengths and become aware of limitations. You seek help where needed to gain the best results.

Determination is persistence. It’s keeping your mind and body grounded. The drive comes from within.

When you’re stubborn you may lose yourself because your drive also comes from outside forces.

Stubbornness is fear of failure.

Determination is knowing that even if you fail it doesn’t change your knowledge, ability or worth.

Stubbornness focuses on self.

Determination focuses on the bigger picture.

Stubbornness becomes an obsession.

Determination is a goal with constant re-evaluation about whether to go forward, wait, or stop.

Stubbornness is often glorified and its meaning misused.

The next time you are tempted to use the word stubborn replace it with determined.

These questions will keep you on track…

Why do I feel so determined? Is it from self? You may just want to push your limits, but what is the bigger picture?

Am I keeping my sanity? The reason you’re determined is because there’s an element of challenge to what you’re doing. However with that challenge comes a duty to practice self care. Are you remaining grounded in your personality? Are you remaining true to yourself?

Is this something that I can get another way? Sometimes determination comes because of obligations, you’re bounded to a contract or have a duty. Sometimes you’re just unaware of any alternative options. Take time to explore other possibilities and think outside the box.

Stubbornness is not a strength. The meaning is often misused and misrepresented but it’s really determination out of balance. 

It’s time to change the chatter. Purpose that your goals are no longer propelled by a blinded one track mind-stubbornness, but a methodical driven outcome-determination.

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