How To Take Your Self Care To A Deeper Level This Sunday

how to take your self care to a deeper level this sunday

Here I thought I had the perfect excuse to walk around in my underwear while eating Coconut Bliss  ice cream, getting a relaxing massage, and cancelling plans with my friends in the name of restoring my introvert energy. It turns out that self isn’t all about pampering yourself.

We share your distress in learning that our self care Sunday isn’t complete until we actually do healing work on ourselves.

Here’s how to take your self care to a deeper level this Sunday…


Validate Your Inner Voice

There are those times where we think of words that should have been said. The truth is we still feel wounded by the hurt we’ve caused by shutting down our inner voice. This is the time to validate yourself and acknowledge that you really did feel hurt when Lisa yelled at you at work. Forgive yourself for not speaking up for your truth and commit to asking for what you want and verbalizing what you don’t.


Find Out What You’re Really Hiding From

Nothing will kill your soul faster than your comfort zone. Our behaviours and personal reaction to situations are a protective mechanism. At a subconscious level we are very afraid.  The fastest way to uncover these fears is to be honest with ourselves.  I challenge you to write down your fears, then ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of this?’ Keep asking “why” until you uncover what’s really holding you back.


Find Out What You’re Holding On To

Mental and emotional pain can show up in our bodies through headaches, cramping, chest pain, back pain, difficulty breathing, skin breakouts and so much more. Are you inducing illness by holding on to pain? Stop and do a mental scan of your body. Pay attention to when your physical pain flares up. Is it after you’ve been yelling? After you’ve been hurt? Take control of this by learning to ride through emotional waves instead of letting them hold and drown you.

Sorry to burst your self care bubble by  taking your self care to a deeper level this Sunday, but we will both be better for it. We may even go on to become decent human beings. With that said I will still be lighting my scented candle this Sunday. I’m curious…

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care Sunday? Leave a comment below.



  1. I love self care Sunday. Though as shift workers we don’t always have sundays free. But when I do and I enjoy self care Sunday with intention. I choose selfishness. Which really isn’t selfishness, but I tell myself I need to be selfish in order to fill up my own cup. Otherwise I can’t keep filling everyone else’s… self care Sunday is my favourite day of the week! I love spending it in the garden whenever possible. What about you Arlene? Coconut bliss in your underwear? Anything else?

    1. Hello. Yes I will take self care any day I can get! Especially as a shift worker. Also being introverted I love spending time alone or with close friends to fill my ‘giving tank’ back up. Going to the book store, listening to music, lighting a candle, journaling, no pressure cooking, exercising, and nature are definitely at the top of my list. I think as care givers we have to take our “selfishness” when we can because we tend to be natural givers, and some people are natural takers .

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