Winter’s Too Cold, Summer’s Too Hot, Spring is Just Right- 4 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time Crush Your Health Goals.

Spring is the best time to crush your health goals. It doesn’t take long before the exhibition of booty building, kale chipping, and personal growth shopping fizzle away after the new year. Winter lasted a little longer than you could bear, summer is not too far away, but spring is now and what a better time to crush your health goals. Here’s why.


1. You feel Happy and Don’t Know Why

You have dash of pent-up motivation. You’ve been anticipating the warm weather, you want to  start an exercise plan, or try a new recipe. Winter has left you feeling a little downhearted.

You have probably heard of SAD an acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder, a kind of depression that happens during certain times of the year. It commonly occurs in the beginning of fall and winter, sometimes called the “winter blues” .

SAD is said to affect approximately over 10 million Americans, with women being four times more likely to suffer. Over 6 percent may even require hospitalization.

You may have had a touch of SAD this winter if you’ve experienced weight gain, a drop in energy level, irritability, moodiness, increased sleep, a change in appetite-craving sweet or salty foods, or avoidance of social situations.

There are several theories associated to its cause. One theory suggests that it could be due to irregularities in serotonin, a mood hormone; and vitamin D. Or perhaps it’s because of the increase in melatonin production due to increased darkness. Melatonin helps in moderating sleep; the darker winter days leaves people feeling tired and with low moods.

Whatever the reason for Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD, being in the sun and fresh air helps to remedy them. You have a renewed burst of energy and life making it the perfect time to work on that health goal. Let’s keep the momentum going.



2. Warm Weather Boost Moods and Develops Minds

According to Matthew Keller, the post-doctoral researcher at the University of Michigan. The two main things that determine mood when it comes to weather is, “how much time you spend outside and what season it is.”

Getting at least 30 minutes of warm sunny weather proves to boost moods, expand thoughts (causing receptiveness to new information and creativity), and improved memory.

Why not capitalize on these remarkable benefits? Learn a new skill, start eating clean or whatever goal you want to crush.

3. Spring Cleaning and New Beginnings

Spring can be associated with hope and new beginnings. Plants and flowers bear renewed life. Alternatively the cold has dissipated, leaving melancholy behind.

Marie Kondo, best-selling author and decluttering guru, has dedicated her lifes’ work to helping people clean their living space. She promotes a way of life and state of mind that cultivates appreciating things that ‘spark joy’. Anything that falls short of that is evaluated or discarded, ultimately clearing your space helps to clear the mind. Why not use spring to Marie Kondo your life?

Organize your living space and your personal life. Take an inventory of the things, people and habits that cause clutter and purpose to create hopeful, new and healthier beginnings.

4. Winter’s Too Cold, Summers Too Hot, Spring is Just Right

When it comes to starting a new health routine there are a plethora of excuses used for self sabotage. It’s too cold in winter, and Christmas proves to be a difficult time. In summer the kids are out of school, there are beach activities, camping, vacations, patios, and barbecues. People just get delirious with the warm weather (or is it actually heat stroke?). The sun is sweltering, coupled with assassin mosquitos, making it less than desirable to be  out for long. Researchers found that, “summer was actually attributed to lowered mood levels .

People get miserable when it’s too hot. The end of winter offers the perfect temperature to spring into action (sheepish grin, shrugs shoulders). What are you going to do to take advantage of the momentum? Whatever it is Spring is the perfect time to get started.

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