Is your gut controlling you?

Guess what guys I have some more interesting info about cravings.

Researchers have now shown that microbes in the gut manipulate both our behaviour and our mood by changing the nerve signals in our brain.

We have a very diverse community of microbes in the gut. They all have one primary goal: survival (theirs, not necessarily ours). Different species prefer different nutrients. Some like sugar, while others prefer fat.

Rather than just passively live off whatever comes their way, they can chemically alter the nerve signals that the brain uses to monitor activity in the gut. Those manipulators! They talk to the brain telling it to feed them what they like.

So what can you do?

Research has shown there are significant changes in bacterial counts within 24 hours of a change in diet. The more you eat clean, the better chance you give to the healthy bacteria. Talk of probiotics and fermented foods have been explored to help good bacteria, which help to acidify the stomach and give healthy bacteria a chance to thrive.

Tell me what do you guys think of this information?

xox Arlene

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