3 Points- Stop running from what YOU KNOW you need to do.

Hi my beautiful people it’s been a while! I went down the rabbit hole, but I’m bacckkk…..which actually brings me to writing this post, at a Starbucks, in the bookstore, on a sunny day, next to a very interesting looking elderly man reading a book, that was nice enough to watch my computer while I took a bathroom break. (Can we say run on sentence?! Heeey).

As you might know I love, love, love, health and personal growth so I’ve been working on my official health coaching certificate (insert fireworks here).

One problem? I felt that my Christianity kept getting in the way; and mind you I’m probably not the best example of a Christian, but I still have it on my heart. I would be working on health programs and then a bible passage or great Christian reference would pop into my head. I kept getting numerous signs that I was going in the right direction…

However I got bummed out because I could clearly see what I needed to do…but didn’t want to do it. I thought “great if I put any ‘Christian’ or ‘God’ reference in anything I say then I’m going to be a ‘failure’ because the world is not into that.”

I know it may sound ridiculous and terrible, but trying to fully step into yourself by saying and doing what you truly believe,  even when it’s not popular is scary.

This applies to ANYTHING, that’s why it still works and is applicable to everyone! So here are some pointers.

1. What you think is NOT separate from who you are.

Notice I didn’t say what you DO, although they can be closely related. For example, (we sin because we are sinners. Our mind has been programmed to sin by default, to change this we need a new thought in our MINDS, through Jesus, which will eventually become part of who we naturally are.  If you THINK you’re a failure…although you’re not….you’ll start acting like it.

What’s my point? If you are doing something against your conscious you may feel uneasy, disturbed, restless. You may not know what to call it, you might find yourself saying something like. “I feel unfulfilled, unhappy, or anxious”. I think we often have the misconception that we have to be “religious” for God to bless us or give us a purpose or calling in  life. He doesn’t discriminate, whether or not you believe in Him, whether or not you care. ” 

Start cultivating positive thoughts and claiming the promises that are true. If you know you’re doing something ‘wrong’ unethical, or unfulfilling that doesn’t resonate with your core beliefs, take the steps to change the behaviour. It may not happen overnight but the first step is to decide.

…but what if my core beliefs are wrong? What if I don’t know what to believe?…( Gotta save that for another post guys. Stay tuned.)


2. You’re probably going to lose some “friends”.

Some of the biggest challenges of change are that people know you as X, you know yourself as X, so if you are not X…then where does that leave you? I think that we don’t pursue various things in life because of family, friends and fears.

Another angle on this is that depending on what your passion is…people might think that you’ve gone crazy. “She’s a Jesus freak” “He’s a hippie” “She’s an exercise nut “. Yes it might be weird for your friends and family to see these changes in you. They may temporarily disappear, but the people that matter will be back with mutual respect, and you may decide to agree to disagree .

Good mentors, and trusted counsel will also keep you grounded just in case you HAVE gone a little irrational by trying to do something that may cause harm to yourself and/or others. Those who find value in the Bible can always go there for trusted counsel as well.

3. Know the consequences before hand.

Think of all the possible outcomes. The good, that bad, and the ugly. Then ask yourself “is it still worth it?” ” Am I still willing to follow through?”

With my new venture I thought, “people might talk behind your back, you may lose clients, you may lose “friends”, you may fail,  but… you’ll have inner peace, you would have tried, you would have honoured your passion.”

Is it worth it? You decide. No one can make that decision for you.

What’s that thing you’re running from?

What’s that thing you know you need to do or decide?

What’s that conversation you know  you need to have?

Let me know your thoughts!


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