Why doing the most isn’t working for you


I’ve had a couple of circumstances  come into my life in the past few months that keep repeating the lesson that “doing the most might not get you better results”. So I figured it’s probably something that I’m supposed to work on and share…Drat! You know when you keep avoiding something but it keeps showing up?

It showed up at church, at work, and my relationship life.

So I’m here I’m finally listening!!! You Won! (Yelling randomly into the abyss)

Why it doesn’t work…

  1. It discredits the other persons capabilities and responsibilities. (That person IS capable of doing SOMEthing, they CAN make the effort if they want to.)

  2. It causes you to hold negative thoughts and feelings towards the other person or situation.

  3. It might not gain you the appreciation, respect, (insert word here) that you are looking for.

  4. It discredits how people value you. It sends a message that says, hey hey over here!…Don’t value  my time. Don’t value my skill/education. Don’t value my efforts and passions.

  5. If you work for a corporation and you do the most… You could be sending the message that  you are OK to work in an unsafe environment, that they don’t need to hire more staff, that you don’t need more funding. (ex. staff is cut, and you take on the extra work.)


When it works

  1. This obviously doesn’t apply to every situation. You should definitely work hard towards what you love, your goals, dreams and more!

  2. The other people should be contributing to the project/goal also. ( We know that not everyone is  going to contribute 50/50 or 100/100…that’s life… but the point is that there should be SOME similar effort.)


Have you noticed any areas of your life where you are doing the most? Let me know.



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