So it turns out cancer can be killed!

I  found out that my aunt passed away of cancer last night after only being very recently diagnosed. So this weeks posts are going to be about CANCER EDUCATION AND LIVING!

I am passionate about food, but many people don’t fully understand why. I’ve seen over the years how positive changes in diet and lifestyle  have brought people back from fatal diagnoses. 

I met a woman from my church whose husband had cancer…she was determined to help him so they both switched to a whole foods plant based vegan diet. After doing so…poof magic!…the cancer was gone. This is just one personal example of how I KNOW healthy foods/lifestyle have changed lives.

Imagine if you had a cure for a disease plaguing the world, and most people just rolled their eyes at you.

The thing that’s even more discouraging is that even after knowing this information I still  practice unhealthy eating/ lifestyle habits…but you know what guys!

One step at a time! The first step is knowledge, then behaviour change. We have YEARS of un-programming to do. Let’s remember not beat ourselves up! We CAN and WILL do it!

Now food is not the only thing that triggers cancer. There are SO MANY things around us, including radiation, toxins and genetics that play a part. I just wanted to let you guys know that I do acknowledge that…but that’s something I’ll have to get through in another post! So much info!

 Cancer Treatment Story

How fitting that I saw this story on my feed today by Jeff Witzeman

The article summarized how Jeff’s wife had cancer of the bladder. In looking for treatment they came across a naturopathic Centre in Germany. Their methods used oxygen and heat to kill the cancer, then amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to rebuild the cells.

Cancer cannot survive in certain conditions, i.e lack or absence of sugar, too much heat, and adequately oxygenated blood!

His wife maintains a diet rich in fruits and vegetable  to ward of the cancer, but of course this is something that your doctor might not tell you.

He also mentioned the websites for (natural treatments) and the

Thanks Jeff!


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