5 Tips for Better Sleep

Hello my beautiful people! Today I’m going to talk about sleep. Did you know that… if you are not sleeping properly it can interfere with weight loss, mood, puffiness around the face and youthfulness! Sleep…shall I say quality sleep is VERY important. Here are some beauty sleep tips.

  1. Have a “power down” hour.

    At least an hour before you sleep turn off all electronics …no phone, no TV, no computer…no nothing. Focus on winding down. With that said it is best NOT to have a TV in your bedroom, or keep your phone in there during sleep time.

  2. Have a bedtime routine.

    Whether it’s methodically showering and putting your lotion on, or reading, or brushing your hair…get in the groove for sleep.

  3. Write your thoughts down.

    If your brain is racing or you’re thinking about work in the morning, or finances ect, then it will help to write down your fears, anxieties and anything you need to remember down. Once it’s on paper you can let it go and try to sleep.

  4. Regular exposure to daylight for at least 20min/day.

    Day light exposure has many benefits. Not only can it help with depression and anxiety, but sleep also. Did you know that you can still get daylight exposure even when it’s not “sunny”? If you can take a picture outside without flash, even on a “gloomy” day, then you have enough light for exposure. If you are still unable to get sunlight then it may be worth wild to purchase a SAD light.  Make sure it has at least 10,000 lux! Also check to see if it is covered by your health benefit plan!

  5. Get a massage, stretch or sex ( where appropriate) before bed.

    Enough said… all off these help you to relax. There will be added benefit if you take a hot bath with epsom salts, or warm a heat pack before doing these.


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