DIY Smoothie Bowl Craft- To lift your spirits

Everyone knows those beautiful pictures bloggers take of food right?! And you’re like wow!….well this is not that, but I tried. Here’s a simple cheat.

When you are feeling bummed out take one relaxing day, I repeat relaxing, where you might have some time alone.  Pick a simple thing that you always wanted to make. Then you’re  going to go all Martha Stewart on it. You will feel empowered, relaxed, creative, inspired.

I made a smoothie bowl

  • 6 Dates, 1/2 a banana, mixed frozen fruit, flaxseeds, a touch of water ( I don’t do measurements here ppl, add ingredients to your preferred taste.)
  • Blend into a thick ice cream like consistency. I used a Vitamix, but any high speed blender will do.
  • Pour in decorative bowl. Add granola. Arrange fresh fruits in bowl. I liked cutting the passion fruit in half.
  • Find random table, flowers, and ribbons. Arrange around bowl
  • Take pictures. Eat.

Added things to increase awesomeness!

  • Sit in the sun- Sunshine boosts mood.
  • Listen to classical music- Also improves mood and frontal lobe activity.
  • Light candle/ aroma therapy- Will also improved mood.
  • Turn phone and all distractions off while you are eating- Helps you to be in the moment
  • Journal- Give God praise, write a gratitude list.

Use your phones’or computers’ built in photo editing app to highlight the pictures. Use Prisma app to turn photos into painting like images, use Canva to add quotes to photos.



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