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Live with little. Gain much

For the past year I’ve been working on having less, spending less, saving more, investing in self, and getting rid of things that don’t serve me in a positive way.


Not necessarily in that order.

In part of this process I decided to move into a smaller, less expensive  apartment. I went to U-Haul to rent a van and the line was never ending, with maybe 20 people lined up out the door. (So glad I got their 45 mins early) Ugggg. I was thinking, ‘well I guess everyone is moving’. While waiting in line, of course I made a friend. My friend was telling me about how he was down sizing as well and moving to BC. He was going from a house and not one; but two storage units.

“The amount of S&*% I gave away, sold and got rid of”, he said.

“Well what did you have?” I was really wondering what could be taking up all this space.

“Just stuff”. he replied


Anyway, so I got my U-Haul and off I went. It was hard work box, after box, after box. Then one of my friends asked me, “What do you have in here? Aren’t you the only one living in this place?”

I thought I didn’t have much stuff… but as I was loading, it got me thinking. Do I even need all of this?

Never again. Never again am I going to move stuff just because. I had already purged a fair bit of things, but before I unpack again I’m going to go through everything. Here are my thoughts.


-I’m going to keep  it simple. Take you closet…cut it in half

Only hang clothes out that you need for the season. Store everything else away.

-If you haven’t worn something in a few months (not including dresses for special occasions ect.) then donate it.

Living Space

-You may need a couch to sit

-You may/may not need a TV and TV stand

-You may need a lamp

-You may need a coffee table

-You most definitely need some plants, and acessories.

-You most definitely need some books/ bookcase


-What pots and pans do you actually use? Everything else is taking up space.

-What kitchen gadgets do you actually use? Everything else is…. (one guess).

-Get chinaware for the amount of people living in your house plus a few extra. When you have more people tell them BYOP (Bring your own plate)…just kidding. No, thats when you can get some nice disposable kits, or have an extra dish set on hand but it’s only for when you are entertaining.




Mats/Shower Curtain

I know it’s difficult to part with your things. I’ve started to go through this separation anxiety. The most difficult things are some of my books and clothes. But I promise you if you haven’t been using these things then after a while you don’t even notice that they are gone.

Letting go, is not just about giving things away, but more about continuing a cycle. At one point you were able to buy these things. Now someone else can use them, that’s why it is especially important to take care of your things because you can keep it in the best condition for someone else.

Letting go also allows you to get new things for the point of the life you are in. It’s a phase of growing.

Get in the habit of giving something away before you buy something new!





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