How not to make a wrong decision

Is there constant anxiety with the choices you make? I always want to do what is right and make the best decision, as do most people. The problem is, that my mind is a universe that  is in constant motion, always talking, always planning, always working.


I imagine the worst so every decision, whether big or small is thought of with great care weighing potential options. To make it worse I’m overly Dr^MaT!C.

“This decision might change your whole life and then your life will be OVER!”

“Should I get the greek salad or kale salad? Let’s do a pro and con list.”



Then one day I realized a decision made may not be the right one or the best one, but if you turn it over to God it will always work out to where you need to be. Whilst it is important to make decisions based on the best of your knowledge and character God  is the ultimate navigator if you so choose. His navigation will always be your best choice.

There is no need to stress over anything. You just need to decide in faith; praying for God’s direction; praying for him to lead you according to his will. We deny the power of God by thinking that if we make a wrong decision it limits Gods plan or that he cannot alter the course.

He will reveal to you if you ask. Ask him for direction. He will open doors towards the way you need to go. He will shut the doors of what you need to leave behind. Your decisions cannot stop Gods work if you ask him. All he requires is your heart, everything else will fall in to place. Remember that all things work together for good to those who love God.


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