13 rules to live by

  • 1.Drink Enough Water.

    I never realized how much water my body lacked until I started making an effort to drink more. When I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning I feel it going straight to my brain, waking me up. It makes for a better day.

   2.Say what’s on your mind.

This is something a bit more difficult for me, but I’m working on it.

However I find when I do say how I feel there is a sense of relief…after the initial anxiety is gone. The person knows how you feel and you are not constantly thinking about it.

3.Follow your instincts.

That feeling you get in your gut…it’s usually right.


For your own peace. It’s not always easy but it will save you from your own bitterness.


I can’t live without traveling. It opens your views on life. It opens your mind to cultures. Travel,

6.Take care of your health.

I started having knee pain and decreased range of motion from a previous injury. I took it for granted All I wished for during that time was my healthy knee again.

7.Know that secrets are only really safe with yourself.

It’s nice to have someone to talk to about what’s on your mind, but some things are better left with God.

8.Have a passionate  moment or two.

I put passion into my work, passion into my love. Sometimes it doesn’t last but it is a feeling of awakening and freedom.

9.Have moments of selfishness.

Give yourself some time. A better you, allows you to give more to others.

10.Not all “no’s” need to be explained with a reason.

Sometimes it’s OK to say no, just because you don’t want to.

11.When you are stressed out stop and think. “Is anything going to change at this very moment?”

Most of the time the answer is no, so breathe and work through it.

12.Wake up early even when you don’t have to.

This is not an easy one. When you get up, actually move away from your bed. Go shower or exercise, you will find that you will initally feel tired but shortly after you will be full of energy. You can always nap later.


Whether you pray, meditate or initiate positive self talk; do something that keeps you grounded.

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